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than he owes. >> all the taxes i've paid in the past and all the things i did for my country in the service is wasted. my life feels like it's a waste. >> reporter: with a failed business and a foreclosure on his credit report, juneau won't be able to even consider buying another home for at least three years. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, ft. lauderdale, florida. >> brennan: coming up, a reporter's notebook on afghan farmers' dependence on illicit crops. >> brennan: planting seass getting under way in afghanist afghanistan, and the plant local farmers may be a good indication of where that war-torn country is headed. kelly cobiella has been on the ground in helmand province and files this reporter's notebook. >> reporter: this is poppy growing land, opium land. all i can see for miles around are marine convoy is dust. no one lives here in the hot, dry summer. the farmers and nomads are just starting to return to stake out their land and plant their crops. the marines have only been here a few weeks, and they're still getting to know the locals. >> can we move him down there? >
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1